A production by KUNSTASYL in cooperation with the Museum of European Cultures Berlin, MEK. Launched on 1 July 2017 from 1 - 8 pm in the Museum garden, the foyer and the exhibition rooms of "daHEIM: glances into fugitive lifes".

The rain poured down.

 „My need is terrible. I am broke. I have a need for life.“1

 Approximately thirty protagonists have been dealing with the concept of humanity since February 2017 on the exhibition’s stage of "daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives".

 The exhibition’s installations and drawings, which speak of lost everyday life and war ravaged countries, form the foundation for the resurrection of a kingdom whose palaces are located in the world of thought.
Some entered barefoot on Europe's shores, the others are familiar with their environment: Together they set off, "in search for life, .... where heaven begins"2.
Epics, questionnaires, poems and word fragments form the framework of the 7-hour
performance: Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Afamia and the damask rose, people, lions and mice, rights and facts. Metal bed percussion, moving images, the oud sounds well-tempered, an accordeon evokes the the Sentimentalic. A joke – an hour of silence. Memories and presence in mattresses. Foam-crowned heads in tears. Without food or housing. „Who cares! Who cares!“ sings the choir at the 7th hour.

The golden rescue foil is blowing in the wind.

The rain poured down.

 Now a trailor from the performance is online on Vimeo > have a look




Basim Basher Suleiman · barbara caveng · Dachil Sado · Diwali Hasskan · Dijwar Mele · Elshan Ghasimi · Evan Ghazi · Ez Aldin Torkmani · Florian Bronk · Franziska Maling · George · Ghaith Alshaar · Henna-Elise Selkälä · Hazemina Donlic · Iyas Sari · Jobina Diez · Julia Ketzmerick · Katarzyna Puzon · Lamin E. Sanneh · Larissa Hermanns · Leandra Balliel · Leonie Baur · Mohammed Subeh · Nico Sauer · Omar Alshaer · Ouis Farzat · Said Sabbagh · Stephan Navar · Stefanie Schairer · Therry Kornath

conducting danse and choreography: Franziska Maling · Henna-Elise Selkälä · Leonie Baur
conductor for music : Florian Bronk
assistant conductor music: Hazemina Donlic
voice and speech training: Stephan Navar

tent-installation  PASSAGE

Ahmad Al Hamad · Ali Al Najjar · Babacar Jor · Bayad · Dawood · Farhad Abou · Gulmad · Kafjya · Katinka Schlettke · Kennan · Massud · Mazem · Meis · Mesut Yilmaz · Sultana · Siegwash · Zaynab Duale und N.N.

portait drawings: Susan Azizi
host and head of the textile workshop at the emergency shelter Mertensstraße: Céline Iffli -Naumann
project management PASSAGE: Charlotte Danoy Kent


Mohammed Soubeh · Susan Azizi · Omar Alshaer

videodocumentation: Ahmad Abdalbaki · second camera 1 July: Thomas Mboya Ochieng

artistic direction: barbara caveng · Dachil Sado
artistic assistenceand project management:  H.-H. Hermanns
overall management: barbara caveng

Generously supported by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung · Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln · in creative collaboration with SENECA INTENSIV.
PASSAGE was supported by Stiftung Pfefferwerk, in cooperation with Berliner Statdmission

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Once a kingdom will happen...


"Ist denn alles nichts als ein Trugbild?

16.06.2017 Und wahr nur der Staub, der hier grau auf einen Jeden und ein Jedes fällt? Dann aber will auch ich an diesem Trug teilhaben und einfordern, was mir von Geburt an zusteht: den Himmel - meinen eigenen Himmel" - Gilgamesh

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30.04.2017 "Wirst du weitergehen, du König, du Mensch, du Suchender? Wirst du dann stärker sein, wenn du schwächer bist?"


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Restoring standard


We have no standard any more for anything, ever since human life is no longer the standard.” – Elias Canetti in “The human province”

A human within a mattress – an attempt to restore standard.

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Now we are KINGS

16.02.2017 and we already had the pleasure to encounter in the subway U7 other regents who would like to crown their heads. It was a special honor for us to meet Queen Ginga at the European House, who once wrote her diploma thesis about Queen Ginga…

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DIE KÖNIGE - auf der Suche nach dem Leben from KUNSTASYL on Vimeo.

DIE KÖNIGE - I. approach

Royal encounters at Sunday, March 5, 2013 at Museum Europäischer Kulturen. In Collaboration with Senenca intensiv - Bildungsprogramme für künstlerische Bewegungen.



Take your crown and scepter!


For information and contact: koenige@kunstasyl.net or  phone 01577-4282994
barbara caveng | Dachil Sado | Larissa Hermanns




THE KINGS will come into being in cooperation with the Museum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin (MEK), generously sponsored by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung Berlin, supported by Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, and in a creative cooperation with SENECA INTENSIVBildungsprogramme für künstlerische Bewegung.