'Human existence includes an aesthetic dimensionGernot Boehme

Clothing expresses identity and belonging. It follows social regulations or emphasizes the individual’s claim for uniqueness. It decorates or veils, camouflages or seduces. Clothes create aura.

People who could save their EXISTENCE but lost their BELONGINGS, live in shelters and asylums. They are entitled to benefits: accommodation, food, and clothing.

There is no shortage of goods: most clothing stores for the needy are overflowing. However, to a lot of people who had to stay in makeshift facilities avoid those clothing stores, as places of humiliation. While serving the purpose, those clothes hardly ever meet the recipient’s aesthetic need and never do justice to the individual’s trendiness.

BASIC OUTFIT consists of clothing and accessories, therewith transforming excess and discarded materials, donations and trashed items off the streets into prêt-à porter. Each garment is inspired by circumstances, according to needs and desires and are made directly on the body. Articles and garments are easy to make, while offering its wearer sufficient room for improvisation and adaptation to different situations in life.

BASIC OUTFIT plays with the viewer‘s perception: clothes make the man. However, they are worn by human beings.

Idea and realization:
The BASIC OUTFITters are AHMAD FLAMINGO, barbara caveng, Céline Iffli together with people who are currently arriving in Germany.

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