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Ramiza & Zlatan prepare themselves for departure. Their asylum application had failed. At the 4th of August they left Berlin. > „Zlatan came to me. He's going tomorrow at 8 am“

Zlatan, Ramiza and Vanesa spent their last weeks daHEIM in room no 10. They had moved from room number 5.


"If I had just one wish - what would I wish for? I don't know …"


Zlatan & Ramiza: we are from Bosnia, from a small town called Gračanica. We used to live there with our family. Father, mother, brother … there were a lot us in one house. Four families, my brother and his wife, my sister, three children, all in one little room.

This room is a lot better. It is bigger. In Bosnia, a room like this would be for two families, 15 people. We have been together for five years. Bosnia is difficult. We sold empties, nylon, and paper. None of us went to school or had a professional education. We went to school for only three days. This is when the war broke out and school was over.

Zlatan: I really want to work in Germany. No matter what. As long as I can work.

Zlatan & Ramiza: When Immigration Service says that we'll have to go, we'll go. But for now we're here. It is hard to find a job in Bosnia; there is a lot of discrimination against us as we're Roma. We don't know what we'll do if we really have to go back. Then, we'll have to try again to sell paper and empties. It is hard, but what can we do.

We worry about our daughter's future. We're afraid she might say she is hungry and we won't be able to feed her. We have no idea what we'll do then. It is difficult without work in Bosnia. If you don't have money, you will not get food.

Vanesa: I don't want to go back to Bosnia. Bosnia no!

Zlatan & Ramiza: We never want to school but we really want our daughter to get a good education.

Ramiza: If I am to stay in Germany I want all of my children to go to school. I want to go too, but I want to learn German first. If I had just one wish - what would I wish for? I don't know …

Zlatan: I would really like to work in a big company. No matter what. As long as I can work.

Zlatan & Ramiza: Our parents are in Gračanica. They too never attended school. And we neither had a garden.

Zlatan: I support those at home, by sending money to my father for food and medicine. My mother is ill too.

Zlatan & Ramiza: we would love to be with our family, but it is difficult right now. If we go back - how are we going to proceed? It is hard in Bosnia, it's easier here. And if we stay here, we send some money to our parents and support them. We have been in Germany for ten months and will stay for another two. It has been six months since we got here. Before we were in a hotel. We like it better at daHEIM.

Zlatan: My brother lives here. His accommodation is at Neuroklinik. We like Berlin. When we came to Germany, we would stay at Dortmund for three days. Then, either the police or immigration service told us to go to Perleberg. We were there for 17 days. Then we were told to go to Berlin. We had never been to Germany before.

Barbara: Two days ago Zlatan said: "This home is okay, social welfare is okay but Germany is crap."

Zlatan & Ramiza: No idea what we do; too much thinking about work but we don't know what to do. We've heard from quite a few people that immigration office tells a lot of them that they have to return to Bosnia. You have to return to Serbia or Macedonia …

Zlatan: I worry a lot about our children. If ever police shows up in this room, I am afraid they will cry a lot; they will be scared and afraid of the police officers.

Zlatan & Ramiza: When our children see the police in the street they start crying and want to get away. They are scared of the police. We are not afraid but our children are afraid. If the police come here, we have ten minutes to pack and have to fly straight back to Bosnia. Afterwards, we will not be allowed to return to Germany for five years.

If we have to go at some point, we will try to come back one more time.

The conversation with  Ramiza and Zlatan took place at June 7, 2015. Safaa Moussa transcribed.

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The family from Damascus was living for ten months in the HEIM. After a four-month-search zhey found an appropriate apartment in Spandau. They are moving to their new home at the weekend of 23/34 of may.