I was really happy to be out of harms way

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Mohammad Sannib's Flucht aus Syrien hat ihn nach Schloss Bröllin geführt. KUNSTASYL hat am 27.10. einen Abstecher zu der in Brandenburg gelegenen Kulturenklave unternommen, in der einige Menschen, die aus Syrien flüchten mussten, ein temporäreres Heim gefunden haben.

Mohammad Sannib hat uns seine Geschichte überreicht.

I’ll tell my story from the time I left my mother country Syria to Germany. After I graduated from the college of engineering and the war started at my home country, I couldn’t practice my profession which is Information Technology. The life of my family and my personal life were in danger because of continuous bombing, outages of water and electricity and the collapse of everyday life. I decided to leave home with a group of my friends searching for a new life providing possibilities of decent living.
We started from Syria at 02.08.2015 to Lebanon then on the same day to Turkey by air.
We stayed in Izmir for five days waiting for the date of riding the rubber boat - it happened and I rode the sea with internal fear, sadness and fear of the raging sea waves.
We arrived at a Greece island after two hours and my tension was waning. After two days the coast guards gave us a map to find the way to ride the steamship and go to Athens. We stayed at a hotel in Athena for one day, and then we went to Macedonia’s border by car.
I slept with a group of families on the ground, the weather was cold and we had nothing to protect us from the cold night.
We passed the Greece-Macedonia borders in the morning, the border guards made us waiting for few hours then they allowed us to pass to the train station way.
We took a taxi from the train station to the Serbian borders. We arrived during night at the first Serbian village and stayed in a near café for three days.
We got a map to go to the capital of Serbia (Belgrade). When we arrived we saw a huge amount of people (women, children and men) sleeping in the middle of a park near the bus station. My friends and me decided to sleep there.
After three days we went on the way to Hungary only with a few water and food in our bags considering the hardness of the way and the desolate forests in Hungary.
After crossing the borders my heart was filled with fear because of what I had heard from friends making their way to Germany before me. They had told me about the bad treatment of Hungarian police and the taking of the finger print of the refugees.
I was afraid that a finger print would have effects on my future in Germany. I was eager to continue my way seriously and we walked twelve hours with Handy GPS by feet until a street showed up, where police and civil cars were passing by.
We were hiding ourselves in between the trees until the next morning, and then we waved with our hands to the cars to stop and take us to the capital (Budapest).
We were lucky after few hours; a man stopped his car and said
 “What do you want?”
I answered him - I speak English - “we want to go to Budapest”
He: “Yes, I understand. I want 500 €”
Even it’s a large sum, but we accepted because of our fear from the police.
We booked a hotel when we arrived at the capital (Budapest) to have some rest, because we were tired and our clothes were dirty.
In the morning we asked for a car to take us to Austria, we found a driver and he agreed to take us and once we arrived we took train tickets and went on the way to Germany.

At 17.08.2015 I was really happy to be out of harm's way.

Mohammad Sannib
Homs, Syria

Ins Englische übersetzt von Dachil Sado


Mohammad Sannib erzählt seine Geschichte auf vier postkartengrossen Zetteln. Woher hast du dieses Papier?, hatte ihn Dachil gefragt. Mohammed war in Homs Besitzer eines Mini-Shops. Das Papier auf dem er in seinem Zimmer in Bröllin seine Geschichte niederschreibt, stammt noch aus den Beständen seines Ladens.

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