102 Amer & Bashir

Writing home

Hello Mom,

How are you? How is Dad?
I hope both of you are well. How are my brothers and sisters?

I miss you so much.

I hope that the war will come to an end and that I can come home.
Then, I will kiss the ground of my country.

I hope that the war will come to an end -
We would be together again and I could eat your meals.
It is always so yummy.

I hope that the war will come to an end -

And all of us - me, my brother Mohamed, Dad, and my sister Abir - could play together. Like we used to. Ah … They were good times. We were safe ….
I never actually cherished the good times we had until I had to go.

I sure hope we will meet again some time, somewhere, God willing. Mom, rest assured that this war will end some day and Syria will be safe again.

I am well. However, I miss you here with me.

I started to learn German, to be able to start a new life.

Berlin is beautiful.

I am looking for a job and for an apartment.

Pray for me - Mom, my life.

Take good care of yourself.





On July 17, 2016 Amer and Moustafa wrote home. Their thoughts, written on sheets, are exhibits at the exposition "daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives" at the Mueum Europäischer Kulturen Berlin. Ez Aldin and his brother Bashir copied a poem written by their father to his sons on a duvet cover.


9/ 15/ 2016 One can leave, Amer moves in

Since Dachil left September 15, 2015, Amer and Bachir share the room.

Amer, the 25 years old Palestinian with a Syrian passport, grew up at Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. During the Syrian Civil War and the suffering under sieges - first by Assad's regime and later by the Free Syrian Army - people lost their livelihood at the Camp. Literally over night, they lost heir homes, which urged the majority to flee. Only one-tenth would remain. In 2015, the area with its then 16,000 inhabitants got under control of ISIS. Besieged and deprived of supplies, Yarmouk Camp became a "death camp"1 where people died of starvation.

1 UN secretary-General Ban Ki Moon am 10. April 2015




Mawlud & Serdar (until 5.5.2015)

UNINTENTIONAL SCULPTURE - Serdars three pairs of trousers at the wall