In april 2016, the application for asylum by Kumrije, Valentina, Valdrina und Fuad was dismissed as "manifestly unfounded". The family was requested to leave Germany within one week.
In 2015, Selihe, mother of Kumrije, had spoken some farewell words to her daughter: „I don't ever want to see you here in this country again - only as a visitor."

The mothers wish remaines unfullfilled.

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June 2015 | Since late May 2015, Kumrije shares room 111 with her three children Fuad, Valentina, and Valdrina. During a workshop, together with students of Evangelische Schule Spandau, she designed a doorplate.

This is how she interpreted her initials: K because she is from Kosovo. M is like Mitrovica, the city where the family used to live. "It's a rich community, but it never was for me." The area is particularly rich in mineral resources.

Kumrije grew up in an environment that did not allow her to receive adequate education. "Being without language," she says, "is like being without arms and legs."

Kumrije means songbird.

Ali | Umar

Ali (13) and Umar (11) have been living in the HEIM with their 18 years old brother and their mother.The family flied from Tschetschenia to berlin.

After an Odyssee of six HEIM's they finally could move at the 17th. of may to an apartment. We lend them some tools for renovation. We enjoy Ali passing by sometimes after school. Maybe we'll get a chance to visit them in their new home.